By airlabs
5. July 2021

Are you interested in the utilisation of flight days in airspace restriction areas offered by AIRlabs? Then we have an attractive offer for you: From now on you have the possibility to connect your UAS Ground Control Station (GCS) or different data formats of GCS to the AIRlabs innovation UTM system. This way, an integrated interface is realised with which telemetry data can be transmitted directly to the AIRlabs Innovation UTM system and made visible therein.

Such “additional visibility” of the drone via connectivity and downstream representation in the AIRlabs Innovation UTM can be very helpful, for example, for various aspects of Specific Operational Risk Assessments (SORA). Even if it is not a sovereign system of an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), there is still the possibility of using such a connection profitably, especially in the assessment of the air risk.

A prerequisite for the connection is a ground control station that is classified as technically suitable. We will be happy to provide you with further general conditions upon request.

If you own or use a GCS and are interested in such a connection, please contact us. Please note that there is only a limited contingent of connections to the AIRlabs Innovation UTM system.

We look forward to receiving your enquiries.

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