AIRlabs Austria’s operational level 4 comprises large flight regions in civil R/TSA areas and enables flight tests of unmanned aerial systems under more complex conditions, such as in alpine terrain.

In close cooperation with partners such as Austro Control and the BMK as the highest civil aviation authority, we are currently working on the development of airspaces at various locations in Austria to enable a variety of test scenarios. In addition, different infrastructures (hardware and software) as well as the expertise of AIRlabs Austria will be available.

  • Provision of various multicopters and fixed-wing aircraft
  • Provision of various UAV sensor systems
  • Sensor data processing
  • Provision of miniaturized transponders
  • UAS position tracking
  • Hardware provision for data transfer and communication
  • Ground control stations for attitude display
  • Provision of BVLOS technologies
  • Detect & Avoid product solutions
  • Parachute rescue systems
  • UAV-UGV Hybrid Platform (fly+drive)
  • Air Taxi Drone
  • Provision of position correction data with GNSS reference station
  • Airborne radio with GPS
  • Weather station data

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