The operational stage 2 of AIRlabs Austria is dedicated to the application-oriented testing of unmanned aerial systems. For this purpose, we can draw on a versatile pool of (large-scale) infrastructures that enable realistic test scenarios.

  • Conducting test flights under laboratory conditions: Indoor or outdoor
    • Tracking of routes
    • Evaluation of communication components
    • Variation of data evaluation
    • Coupling of different sensors
  • Instrumentation, operation and experimental evaluation architecture for UAV transponders
  • Material, component and system test infrastructures for UAV-specific tests
  • Outdoor and indoor laboratory test flights with autonomous UAV launch and landing platforms
  • Provision of 5G cellular infrastructure
  • Measurements of the radiation and signal behavior of antennas
  • Measurements of electromagnetic behavior or interference
  • Determination and compensation of latency of different UAS sensor systems
  • Conducting tests under different weather conditions combined with different weather conditions, such as
    • solar radiation
    • snow
    • rain
    • ice
    • clouds
  • Icing tests static as well as with rotating components
  • Cold start and hot start tests on UAVs
  • Single component tests with snow and ice
  • Tests of ice detection systems and de-icing systems
  • Testing, evaluation and validation of new technologies in the field of autonomous UAS
  • Tracking systems to accurately capture motion in all six degrees of freedom
  • Variable illumination to test image-based methods
  • UAS integration with various cellular infrastructures
  • UAV-to-UAV and UAV-to-ground communications using 5G technology
  • Support for test execution of UAV swarm flights

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