Operating Stage 1 of AIRlabs Austria is dedicated to the fundamentals in research and development of unmanned aerial systems. Our comprehensive network of experts enables us to offer a wide range of engineering and simulation services in state-of-the-art research infrastructures. These range from conceptual design of thematic test scenarios to modeling, simulation and visualization of single and multi-UAV flights, evasion routines, icing and much more.

  • Development of thematic test scenarios and business case analyses
  • Planning and analysis of cellular network coverage
  • Support for authorization proposals
  • Support for the development of individual flight control systems
  • Provide (required) methodologies for user*centered human-machine interface (HMI) design for configuration, control, and intervention
  • Provision and configuration of SIM cards for UTM use
    Consulting in the area of development, design, test and approval of systems for operation in icing conditions
  • Numerical analysis of ice accumulation processes or de-icing operations
  • Creation of orthophotos and high-accuracy maps
  • AI-assisted data analysis, 3D modeling, and 3D visualization
    Acquisition, spatio-temporal analysis and visualization of multi-dimensional environmental measurement data
  • Evaluation of cellular network technologies for UAS deployment
  • Modeling, instrumentation, and experimental evaluation of conventional and UAS-specific transponder technologies
  • Noise pressure measurements
  • Adaptation of different test infrastructures to specific use cases (e.g. individual extensions of flight simulators with addons, sceneries and plugins for individual testing and verification)
  • Parameter-variable flight simulations
  • Modeling, simulation and visualization of different criticalities for simulation-based development of avoidance routines (e.g. highly frequented airspace or multiple objects on direct collision course)
  • UAV swarm simulations
  • Ship simulation landing platform (outdoor)
  • Simulation and evaluation of transponder signals
  • Icing simulations with focus on de-icing systems and ice detectors
  • Elaboration of cargo UAV process flows, expertise and business case analysis for loading and pre-carriage processes

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