By bruchmann
5. July 2022

Project number: 5.502.20001 (Presentation/test of self-sufficient hangar)

Involved cooperation partners:

Frequentis AG

APB Corporation GmbH

AIRlabs Austria GmbH

Project Description/Methods:

MCX- (Mission Critical Broadband Communications, e.g. for MCPTT via 5G) form the likely future of mission critical BOS networks based on 4G-/5G technology after the current Tetra standard. It enables the existing public authority radio to be extended by broadband applications, whereby the safety-critical transmission of images, videos and other data in fail-safe and reserved capacities (e.g. public mobile radio networks) can become a reality. Among other things, this will also enable the participation of non-human support personnel, such as robots or drones, whose control can be carried out in an automated manner from mission control centers. The payload data (images or other measurement data) can be sent not only to the control center, but also to any network participants (emergency forces) and can be used in real time.


This preliminary study analyzes methods for the design of a holistic prototype for the control of drones from a control center for a later demonstration in Austria (AIRlabs flight area). For this purpose, the interfaces of individual components, e.g. the control center software, the AIRlabs UTM, the selected mission planner, the hangar control and other interfaces will be examined and transferred to a system diagram.

In a next step, required components and interfaces for an integrated system will be developed. In the end, the prototype will be tested and evaluated in a simulated mission exercise (e.g., drone as first responder to search for missing persons or to assess danger situations). The demonstration will be disseminated via the companies’ websites and by inviting the media to the demonstration.

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