By Florentina Hartbauer
27. July 2023

Drones open up a fascinating range of applications in various industries, and one of their most notable uses is for saving fawns in agriculture. The combination of cutting-edge technology and a wildlife-friendly approach brings numerous benefits to both nature and farmers.

The use of drones in fawn rescue allows for a more efficient and animal-friendly approach. Traditionally, farmers have been forced to scour their fields before mowing to protect fawns from mowers. With drones, this process is greatly streamlined. Drones fly over fields and use thermal imaging cameras to detect the body heat of fawns hiding in tall grass. This technology allows the animals to be located early and rescued from imminent danger, preventing injury and loss.

In addition to protecting wildlife, drones also offer significant benefits to farmers. Accurate identification of fawns helps prevent damage to farm machinery and the associated repair costs. Saving time is another factor: while manually searching for fawns can take a lot of time and resources, using drones allows for a faster and more efficient approach.

In addition to fawn rescue, drones have many other uses for farmers. They can be used to monitor fields and crop yields, inspect water supply systems, target fertilizer or pesticide applications, and more. This technology increases efficiency, lowers production costs and minimizes the use of resources, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and profitable agriculture industry.

The combination of animal rescue, increased efficiency and sustainability makes drones a valuable tool for farmers who want to make a positive contribution to nature while optimizing their operations.

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