By airlabs
6. December 2021

Project number: 8.802.50005 (Aerial Survey Augarten)

Involved cooperation partners:

Holding Graz

FH JOANNEUM | University of Applied Sciences

Graz University of Technology

AIRlabs Austria

Project description/methods:

For the construction and redesign of the Augarten Bay in Graz, 47 trees with a diameter of more than 12 cm had to be felled in 2020, all of which were replanted at a ratio of 1:1. In order to document the targeted reforestation and to detect any deviations from the plan, the Holding Graz and the project partners initiated the making of two orthophotos of the affected area in a biweekly interval as well as a 3D terrain model.
The individual aerial photographs were created by flying over the Augarten Bay twice in compliance with the law using an UAS from FH JOANNEUM. The aerial photographs were sent to Graz University of Technology for further processing into a composite orthophoto and for the calculation of a 3D terrain model. These calculations are currently taking place.


During the two flights, FH JOANNEUM took a total of around 400 individual aerial photos of parts of the Augarten Bay, which in the next step will be used by Graz University of Technology to calculate two complete orthophotos and a 3D terrain model, with the first orthophoto already being completed. In addition, various information- and dissemination material in form of a one-pager had been produced during the aerial flights in order to inform and educate the civilian population about the legally compliant and meaningful use of drones.

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