By airlabs
6. December 2021

Project number: 8.802.50006 (Night recording Bus Center)

Involved cooperation partners:

Holding Graz

FH JOANNEUM | University of Applied Sciences

Graz University of Technology

AIRlabs Austria

Project Description/Methods:

The bus center of the Holding Graz GmbH in the Kärntnerstraße in Graz accommodates the entire bus fleet of the city including parking spaces, maintenance facilities and alike and requires a high degree of efficiency in the parking arrangement due to the large number of parked vehicles. In order to analyze the efficiency of the parking order and the arrangement of the bus parking spaces with regard to possible optimization potential, a top view in the form of an aerial photograph is necessary. Since the mentioned area has an extension of several hectares, a holistic top view can only be realized by creating an orthophoto from several individual photographs. Due to the operating hours of the public transport, only in a short period of time from about 2:00 a.m. all buses are in the allocated parking lots, which is why the production of the mentioned individual images is only possible in this period and thus under difficult conditions in the absence of daylight.

The production of the individual aerial photographs was carried out by legally compliant aerial photography of the bus center using an UAS from the FH JOANNEUM. The aerial photographs taken were transmitted to the Graz University of Technology for further processing into a composite orthophoto. These calculations are currently taking place.


During the two flights, the FH JOANNEUM took a total of around 200 individual aerial photos of the bus center, including parked vehicles, from which a composite orthophoto is to be calculated by the Graz University of Technology in the next step. The UAS mission also provided innovative insights into the use of UAS in urban areas, in the absence of daylight in combination with technological challenges for the automated production of adequate aerial images in poor lighting conditions. Further dissemination activities will be carried out by the project initiator.

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