By olah
22. November 2022

AIRlabs Austria achieved a major and important step for innovation in Austria and beyond with the restricted airspace LO R 9 “Steinalpl”. We are therefore very pleased to be able to present this milestone to the public. AIRlabs Austria would like to thank all sponsors, stakeholders and partners for the excellent cooperation during the realisation.

AIRlabs Austria, the innovation laboratory for civil drone research of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMK), invited the media to Graz on the occasion of the opening of its test area and the first activation of a NOTAM on 17 November 2022. Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, Styrian Councillor for Economy, Tourism, Regions, Science and Research; Martin Payer, Commercial Director of FH JOANNEUM and representing the shareholders of AIRlabs Austria GmbH; Holger Friehmelt, Technical Director of AIRlabs Austria; and Roswitha Wiedenhofer-Bornemann, Commercial Director of AIRlabs Austria, presented together the importance of civil drone research, the current state of development of the laboratory, and the new restricted airspace for drone tests. In a live broadcast to the Steinalpl test area, the use of a drone for the creation of orthophotos was demonstrated. In the subsequent discussion with the various stakeholders and media representatives, the great added value of the new test area and the expectations of the individual stakeholders were discussed. All participants look forward to the upcoming activities.

Here you can find our video on the first activation of the Steinalpl restricted airspace and initial flight campaigns:

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