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28. Juni 2023

Project-no. 9.902.60009

In the course of the ADACORSA project (, a joint validation exercise involving Frequentis, Infineon and AIRlabs was taking place in 2023.

For the purpose of executing the End-to-End Validation with Real Flights in Austria (Oberwölz), with the support of AIRlabs, there was a SORA by the Austrian Air Navigation Service provider (ANSP) Austro Control GmbH obtained.

The challenge of the submitted SORA was, that the drone used was a heavy duty multicopter with a take-off weight of 330 kilogram. AIRlabs provided excellent support in the creating of this complex SORA.

Flight Setup

In this validation activity, Frequentis (Ground-based) and Infineon (Airborne) have been collaborating, whereby each partner has contributed the following:


Flight Information Management System (FIMS) enabling the technical verification of components in the context of UTM. In particular, the Flight Information Management System enables Registration, Identification, and Tracking of drones. The Flight Information System is implemented as ground-based infrastructure.


Infineon has contributed a heavy duty multicopter with which the validation activity was executed. A setup with rope protected flight setup for real flight tests was provided, to be safe against any malfunction or flight control instability (See Fig.1)

Figure 1: Test flight setup of a heavy duty multicopter in Oberwölz (Austria), protected by a rope against any malfunction or breakdown of multicopter functions.

This setup also contains a ground-station build on a table, where the telemetry receiver, interface to the laptop and a mobile phone for LTE internet connection are placed. The telemetry GPS data are transferred to the unmanned traffic management software (UTM SW) of the laptop and transferred to Frequentis UTM system for testing the planned procedures. A system- and blockdiagram of this setup is shown in Fig.2.

Figure 2: System- and block-diagram of the test setup for real flights


The result of the collaboration were real flights executed according to pre-defined scenarios.

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